3. FIRE ... to life! Celebrate Well Being

Why wait to begin to feel well ... 

I guide super sensitive souls and empaths who are feeling weakened physically, mentally and emotionally by environmental pollution, mental overload and toxic feelings to find their personal power and abundant energy through easy and enjoyable tiny tweaks to their lifestyle.

I've had to learn how to self heal out of necessity. I share the things that have proven invaluable to me during my healing process so you don't have to do it the hard way. I offer support in making the changes that you already know you need to do easily and enjoyably so that they stick.

How it happens

I do this through virtual one on one online zoom meetings in a gentle way where you won’t feel judged or pressured. We will look at what your needs are and we will stay on the call together until we have a single small step for you to follow that will begin to take you out of your suffering and into wellness.

The journey to wellness begins with a single small step. You would be amazed at how far you can go into a state of well being with simple, inexpensive - sometimes free - and always natural things.

My clients often tell me that they feel comfortable and comforted through our sessions.

Soul Messages

As an empath, mystic and soul whisperer, I have the ability to receive messages from the Universe. I often get messages for my clients and when I do, I share those freely as a gift



We will work together once a month for 3 consecutive months. 

Shifting into a new lifestyle takes time. The changes you will be guided to make to your lifestyle will be simple and easy to do. However, it does take time for you to integrate the changes into your life. It will help you, especially when you are beginning, to have consistent support through the initial stages.





NOTE: It is not my purpose to take the place of your health care practitioner. 

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