Raw Olive Oil Soap

This beautiful, raw, completely natural soap is made from PURE Ice Pressed Olive Oil and NOTHING ELSE.  This highly-nutritive, enzyme-rich soap is handmade in Canada by an artisan family committed to producing the most beneficial products for health and longevity with conscious awareness and respect to the earth. If you are in the growing numbers of people who have sensitivities to synthetic products, you will love this soap.


In the southernmost part of Greece, the art of making superior olive oil has been passed down from generation to generation. For over a century, this  family has cultivated the land by hand.  Much like their artisan forefathers, they have continued this proud tradition and introducing their integrative medical and manufacturing knowledge have not only elevated their craft but their product.  Their innovative Ice Pressed"TM" olive oil has been pressed in the complete absence of heat; a dramatic 20-30 times colder than the cold-pressed olive oil; a critical distinction in terms of maintaining the oils’ nutritive and healing potential and to staking claim as one of the world’s only RAW producers of olive oil. Sustainably farming and ice pressing the same day of hand harvesting, produces an oil with a near flawless acidity.  Now they are making a soap from this nutritive, healing pure raw natural food.

"We produce olive oil for our children to eat.  Our vision is to create a healing food of the highest biological value. To reconnect with the an ancient land and its people. To build a sustainable farming model that supports the earth and heals those living on it."

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