Embodying Gratitude

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I am grateful

An ancient jewish prayer of gratitude

In my spiritual tradition we begin each day with a blessing of gratitude. Upon awakening, the first thought and the first words are of thanks to the Creator for gifting us with this new day. But it is not just a one way thing … in this blessing as we express our faith in our Creator, we also remember that our Creator has faith and trust in us. It fills us with an incredible confidence and feeling of support to know that we were purposefully created with a grand purpose.

7 Week Journey

I will take you on a 7 week Journey into understanding this blessing and building a lasting practice. By the end of the 7 weeks you will have a greater understanding of your grand purpose and you will have embodied the art of gratitude.



This is the first time that I offer this journey. This is an introductory price for the first group that I take through the process.

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