4. AIR ... ORB

Healing happens through a touch from the Divine.

Gently removing pain and evil eyes

Do you need healing from pain or protection from toxic energies - whether it's environmental or other's negative energies? I have been gifted with a healing technique that has helped to ease pain and protect from negative energies. So far almost everyone who has tried it has had immediate relief. 


The O.R.B.

Origin Resonance Bubble

The ORB Sensation is a healing technique gifted to me directly from the Universe through which I am a bridge between you and Origin energy. When you are in this Divine light, there is no pain. Reconnecting with this Divine light seems to have lasting effects and often the pain does not return.

3 Sessions over 3 Weeks

3 Sessions

30 minutes each

1 times a week for 3 weeks

We connect over Zoom in a safe and and loving space



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