Dreaming Awake

Woman's Dream Share Circle

Remembering the Power of Woman's Dreamtime

I had a dream that held the answer I had been looking for. This dream showed me, clearly and unequivocally, what my life path was but I didn't recognize it because I didn't have the right support. Instead I let it go and it took me 10 years or so to fully realize what my dream was telling me - EVEN THOUGH IT COULD NOT HAVE BEEN CLEARER.
I became furious with the Dream Expert who's advice was to lead me in the complete opposite direction of my "dream" (the one I had in my sleep AND the one I had for my soul's purpose). My reaction alone should have shown me that I should not listen to this Dream Expert and I didn't but because he was an "expert", I didn't trust the clear message that I'd been given.


I learned how to listen to my dreams and now I guide women in learning their own unique personalized dream language.


Dream Speak

We each have our own personalized symbols and "dialect" of dream speak and what is true for one may be completely different for the other. Yes, there are some symbols that are universal but if you become more in touch with your heart and your sacred "sleep talk", then you will not need to know the meanings of those symbols. They can of course be interesting and helpful at times but all that you need is right there in your own heart. Together we will re-learn how to understand our own personal dream language. 


New Moon Dream Share

Once a month we gather together, women of kindred spirit and like hearts, to journey with each other through our Dreamtime exploration. Women have forgotten the lost art of the dream language and thus are not receiving valuable and sometimes vital guidance and messages from the Universe and from her higher, magical, self.


Intimate Circle

Our group is limited to a maximum of 11 members. It is important that we have time to honour the dreams that are shared and to have adequate space to receive their message.


Sacred Trust

All that is shared in our dream share and in our private group is done so in sacred trust. Each member of our circle makes a sacred promise that what happens in dream share circle stays in dream share circle.


Private Space

We dreamers connect and share our dreams and offer and receive wisdom and advice (when desired) in a private Facebook group.



We meet monthly on the first Wednesday closest to the New Moon for 3 Moons.

June 24th, July 22, August 19