A Woman's Sin

There is Strength in Numbers


There are many beautiful goddesses who are forsaken, mistreated and sometimes even sold into servitude by their very own families – out of fear for their lives or for financial gain.I invite you to join me in a living blessing for the forgotten women of power and the forgotten power of woman. By simply speaking this prayer each day, we create a living blessing that grows in strength with each day and each sister who repeats it. The more of us who say it, the more powerful it becomes and the faster we will bring the dream into reality … the dream where woman is honoured, respected, safe, well and remembered by each and every one of her sisters.

Through these simple words said with love and intention, we sow the seeds of a new future where woman remembers her magic and no longer accepts herself as slave or even second citizen.


The Blessing


This is the blessing and prayer of A Woman’s SIN (strength in numbers).


For the Forgotten Women of Power and the Forgotten Power of Woman


May woman be safe and well

May she remember that she is daughter of the earth and of the Divine

May she be free to express her creativity

May she know her magic and power

May she feel loved, supported, respected, honoured, cherished and seen by all,

most of all herself.

Today and every day,

I honour and remember our Sacred Sisters


You may join us in saying this blessing each day upon waking and/or before your sacred sleep. (Or anytime you wish)


A Sacred Space

Join us in our our private facebook group. It is a sacred space for women who want to offer the gift of a simple blessing through which we will to change the paradigm of Woman’s reality. It is a place where you can offer your support and be supported.


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