Finding my people

Finding my people

June 21, 2019

I had been having a conversation with the Universe about finding “my” people. A community of sensitive, magical, spiritual people. The Universe leads you to where you need to be in unexpected ways.

The life of an empath is often a very solitary one. A lot of amazing and magical things happen in my life and I’m surrounded by crystalline friends and magical beings but there are times that it is nice to talk to someone who walks a similar path. It’s nice to be able to say hey … did you feel the energy of that eclipse and did you notice how it showed up in your body. Sometimes things are happening in your personal life and you’re not sure if it’s a personal thing or if something magical is happening in the Universe at the moment. You want to know … is it just me or is everyone feeling this one.

I had heard about Asha from a very magical soul who was singing her praises. I started following her on instagram and I really resonated with her content. When she announced the creation of her Sacred group I was drawn to joining. She described it as a healing group and that was not really something I was looking for as I have a lot of healing support from the Universe. For some reason though the call to join Asha’s community was powerful. I did reach out and ask her a question about joining but I had already made my decision even before I received her response - maybe even before I sent out the question. I trusted my guidance and signed up.

On the very first live call, Asha gave me a message that was so spot on to what was going on in my life. It re-enforced a message that the Universe had just sent me. I was surprised by how delighted I was by that. I hadn’t been seeking out confirmation of my message but when I received it anyway, it brought me joy. I don’t normally need to go outside my own guidance for messages but I have to say that it was really nice to hear the Universe echoing its message to me through Asha’s beautiful voice. I would not hesitate to ask Asha for her insight into an issue and it is an incredible comfort to know that there is someone I can trust when I need guidance. She sees and hears the universe with a beautiful clarity and a very loving presence. She is pure love and that is when the messages come through the clearest.

It has also been so lovely to be in the company of beautiful like hearted souls and I have found that in abundance in this spiritual group. There are so many talented, heart centered, caring light workers in this space. It’s so easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of life and forget to nurture our soul with moments of joy and connection with sisters in spirit. What I found best about this group is being in that loving, supportive energy as a regular practice - rather than waiting until I find myself in the yuck or the stuck that inevitably comes and feeling alone with it.

I love to share the beautiful creations that my sacred sisters are putting out into the world with my community. Asha has just reopened the doors to her Sacred community and is welcoming new members. I would recommend her anyway and had already been doing so in the “Sharing Gifts” page of my song of stones website. But she is very generous of heart and spirit and loves to share with her community in many ways. If you choose to join Asha’s Sacred group, she gives me a bonus if you sign up through my affiliate link below.



Much gratitude and many blessings.

Hope to see you in Sacred : )